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Dr. Heloisa Prieto is one of Brazil's most celebrated children and YA authors. She has sold over two million books in her native country. Her Mano series of YA novels inspired the Time Warner movie “The Best Things in the World”. She recently published 1,002 Ghosts and, in 2022, she had 8 titles selected for the PNLD Public Book-Purchasing Programme, including The Wind Riders, a magical realism novel co-written with Irish writer and illustrator, Adrienne Geoghegan. She has spent a lifetime researching myths and legends-both ancient and modern-and organizing and curating collections of cross-cultural interest. She has created and organized numerous creative writing workshops for children, teenagers, and adults. Heloisa also has a PhD in French literature (University of São Paulo) and a master's degree in semiotics (Catholic University of São Paulo).

Her 92 titles include fantasy, fairy tales, gothic novels and contemporary fables and daily life fiction. 

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